Electronic Industrial Temperature Interface

EITI is a powerful addition to a PLC/MODBUS based design. The Electronic Industrial Temperature Interface (EITI) will measure temperature sensor signals, communicate via a RX or TX current loop signal and communicate with other devices over MODBUS. This allows a PLC to interface with many common analog signals.


  • PLC communications via MODBUS RTU
  • Reads a 3 wire Pt 100 RTD α 3850
  • Reads a type K thermocouple
  • Reads a 4-20 current loop signal via 315 ohm loop resistance sensor impedance
  • Transmits a 4-20 signal via loop resistance that can be as low as 200 ohm loop
  • On board power supply possible via jumper option, allowing 12Vdc up to 150mA


Download the product manual


This board was made with KiCad: a free, open source EDA.